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Working out your development needs and TAA40104 Certificate IV

In TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment (formerly BSZ40198) you will start to explore your own development needs at both an individual and an organisational level. The Cert IV qualification also covers feedback, and the value of giving and receiving feedback.
Changes on the horizon

How many changes can you think of that have happened in your profession, trade or area of expertise over the last few years? Have you been able to keep up with the pace of change?

There would be many changes you have had to cope with regardless of what area you come from. The workplace training and assessment sector is no exception and over the past few years, some of the key developments have been:

* information and communication technology has become more complex
* competency-based training and assessment has been introduced
* Training Packages have been introduced
* student-centred vs. teacher-centred learning has developed
* there is an increased diversity in student population
* flexible delivery mode has developed
* innovative thinking has been embraced
* Workplace training and assessment in schools has been established
* workplace training is acknowledged
* Recognition of Prior Learning/Recognition of Current Competencies (RPL/RCC) is offered to acknowledge existing competence.

And there’s more!

The sector has also seen the implementation of:

* the AQTF
* New apprenticeships/traineeships.

There has also been:

* increasing globalisation
* increasing casualisation of the workforce.

Activity: Identify changes

To identify other changes in training and assessment, talk to relevant practitioners about changes that have occurred in the workplace training and assessment sector and add them to the above list. You could speak to managers or supervisors in your workplace training and assessment practice environment or others from organisations within the workplace training and assessment sector.

Browsing websites will also provide you with useful information on changes that have occurred. A list of useful websites is included at the end of this guide.
How do the changes affect you?

The changes which happen around us can:

* highlight what you are good at (strengths)
* highlight what you need improvement on (weaknesses)
* present some new and exciting challenges (opportunities)
* present a barrier or danger to your situation (threats)

This is more commonly known as a SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and is useful when scoping your future professional training and development.
Snippet: One door closes and another opens

Helena had been working for a public utility for many years as a translator. The organisation decided to contract out the interpreting services that meant Helena’s job was threatened. The organisation provided affected staff with workplace retraining.

Helena was devastated by the decision to contract out the work but considered it an excellent opportunity, as she had begun to feel tired and bored of the work routine and organisation. Her challenge now was to determine what other training opportunities were available to her. She consulted a career counsellor and, after much discussion and research, decided she would complete the TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification (formerly BSZ40198) and retrain as a trainer. She planned to work initially on a voluntary basis and then move to a training and assessment organisation. She hoped to teach English as a Second Language to international students and was excited by the prospect of what lay ahead.

As part of Helena’s research, the career counsellor helped her conduct a SWOT analysis that she found helpful in clarifying how she could handle her situation.
Activity: SWOT analysis

Find a partner with whom to conduct a role-play and complete a SWOT analysis. You take the role of Helena, or the career counsellor. Once complete, swap roles to experience the different perspectives.


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